Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Learning Experience of Making a Production Logo

We used Photoshop, Final Cut Express and GarageBand to create our Production Logo which in some aspects was quite difficult but in others; was quite simple.

For example  - the easy parts of creating the Logo were; choosing the background image for the Logo, creating the title "Divine Productions"(choosing the fonts), and using more of the Final Cut Express and Photoshop tools, that I'm becoming more familiar with now.

Unfortunately there were still more difficult parts than easy at the moment. For Example -  creating the music was slightly difficult - not necessarily the construction of the music, but more finding the right pieces of music to create the clip on GarageBand.

Another difficult aspect was putting all the pieces together in Final Cut Express. Making sure all the fades and edits were in the right places with the motion keyframes was slightly problematic but resolved quite quickly. We used a lens flare effect in our Logo which was created in Final Cut Express - and that also posed some problems as we didn't know how to create this effect at first, but once we discovered how, we found the Flare looked really good with the rest of our Logo and so we decided to keep it.

Overall, I'm pleased with our Logo as it looks smooth and professional - with appropriate music. I particularly like the Lens Flare + "Divine Productions" title that fades out after growing bigger.

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