Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Let Him Have It – Opening Sequence/Title Sequence

  • 2 Minutes long
  • White text on Black background
  • Music and Sound Effect backing

Sound Effects introduced 
  • Bombs (setting 1941)

Music introduced
  • -       Piano
  • -       Dissonant clashing notes/chords
  • -       Repeating bass line
  • -       Strings introduced to create suspense (cello?, violin)
  • -       Repeating melody line

What we think of it
  • -       Boring 
  • -       Too simple
  • -       Didn’t really introduce the film
  • -       No pre-title sequence
  • -       Kept to the conventions of a good title sequence (e.g. just actors names themselves, apart from “Mark McGann as Niven Craig”.
The title sequence didn't actually contain any images or pre-title sequences and so no characters, narrative, camerawork, editing or mise en scene is used. From this title sequence we can't actually tell what genre the film is.

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