Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thriller Ideas

Initial Ideas –
Things to plan:
Character Profile
Plot Outline
Fonts/Colour Scheme for titles

Titles -  
A number? A number is open to interpretation, so it doesn’t have to have a clear meaning.
A single word? Again open to interpretation and single words sound creepier, for example “Vertigo” or “Se7en”.

Genres –
Psychological Thriller? Allows room for interpretation. Doesn’t have to be clear. Can have a lot of close-ups or abstract shots – meaning no actors have to actually be shown. Creates a strong sense of suspense. – Bit like Se7en?
Graphic Thriller? Very blunt/graphic. Open to special effects and artistic type things. 

Lighting - 
Lighting would be quite simple if a lot of close-ups are used as a lamp with a filter can be used to create a simple but effective light instead of trying to light a whole room.

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