Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Film Ideas

Plot ideas

  • Detective thriller - Discovering a murder
                                     - Robbery- Preparation
  • Religious cult ? - Conspiracy 
                                   - Sacrifice
Plot lines
Religious Cult
person creating an ambigram to post through a church door- title is the same as the ambigram.

Could have protagonist looking through a bible trying to find the right word/phrase.

Film could continue on to the receiver of the message is worried about a secret about the church. they employ the police to find the person leaving the ambigram's.

Possible shot list
-Fade up from black.
-Lighting a candle-close up shot.
-Side Shot by candle light of hooded figure.
-Close up of hands writing.
-Ambigram being created.
-Wax seal on envelope.
-Close up shot of individual features.
-Heating of wax.

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