Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Final Shot List


1) No visual for first few seconds - only audio - Starts with door creaking open and then banging shut (the darkroom has heavy doors that bang quite loudly) then the sound of a chair being dragged back along the floor and someone sitting down. We hear a heavy bag being dropped on the floor.

2)Still black until we hear a click and a few seconds later, a second click and a lamp comes on on the shelf.

3)We see a hand draw back from the lamp but do not see the owner as the lamp is pointing downward.

4) The room is partially illuminated by the light, as the lamp is pointed downwards toward the desk so the figure is not illuminated. 

5) From what is illuminated we see a shoulder move downwards and hear a zip open. We then hear rustling.

6) The hands then throw book down onto the desk which is illuminated by the lamp.

7) The hands tremble over the cover and we see the book is a bible.

8) Book is flipped open and clatters on the desk.

9) We see lots of circled phrases as the pages are flicked through. We see no specific phrases.

10) The hands start ripping pages out of the bible and we hear heavy breathing.

11) From a behind-the-head shot we see our figures hands running over his hair and hear deep breaths and sniffing

12) Back to the front we see the book is opened on EXODUS 11:1.

13) We see lots of phrases highlighted and we have close-ups of ambiguous words and sentences.

14) After seeing lots of phrases a particular page is stopped on and we hear more heavy breathing.

15) A piece of thick paper is taken from the bag in a similar fashion that the book is withdrawn and put on the desk.

16) An envelope is also then taken and put onto the desk.

17) A fine marker is taken from a pocket and we see the cap being taken off (extreme close-up).

18) The bible is pushed back and the paper put directly in front of the figure.

19) Slowly and carefully, the figure starts to write "DEATH OF THE FIRSTBORN" onto the paper. We hear scratching.

20) Paper is folded in half carefully, then put into the envelope.

21) Envelope is sealed (possible close up of licking the envelope).

22) Envelope has the address "13a, Richmond close, Bushhill, Kent, KH3 4RD written on it.


1) LOTS OF WALKING MONTAGE. Cars and various urban noises needed.

2) Close-ups of feet walking, crossing a road, etc.

3) Arrives at postbox. Drops bag on floor. Close-ups of knees as character is crouched. 

4) See and hear zip opening. 

5) Letter taken out of bag.

6) Stay with knees angle whilst figure stands up.

7) Close-ups of hands posting letter.

8) Picks up bag and walks into camera, low feet angle close-up. 



Sound Effects

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