Tuesday, 8 February 2011

List of Film Titles to use


Company Logo – Divine Productions Logo
Name of Company – Divine Productions Presents:
A “somethingsomething” production - ?
A Film by “…” – A film by Daniel Lyon
Title Actor –Henry Jones           
Actor – Jiminy Francis           
Actress – Miranda Jeffries
Another Actor – Dominic Bale
Actor – Samuel Carp
Actor – Robert Smith
2 x Actor – Jonathan Bird, Liam Stevenson
3 x Actor – Sven Geldof, Brian Hamilton, James Carter
3 x Actor – Max Deloy, Ryan Mochrie, Colin Stiles
2 x Actor, 1 x Actress – Aaron Oak, Dec Brady, Amy Brookes
Casting by – Paige Low
Music By – James Cooper
Costumes Designed by - Josh Jones
Edited By – Brendon Tuck
Production Designed by – Tony Baits
Director of Photography – Geoffrey Deep
Co-Producers – Tim Robertson, Andrea Filby, Cieran Sharp
Co-executive Producers – Oliver Shuter, Sophie Moore,  Rhea Loftus
Executive Producers – Felix Stuart, Vincent Wisbech
Written By – Tom Crosby
Produced by – Peter Watson
Directed By – Directed by Daniel Lyon

FILM TITLE! - Exodus

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