Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Right well it's after half-term and I now have updates.

I got an email from Andrea who said we can use the smaller film processing units on Tuesday 1st March 12:20pm till 1:05pm. This was fine, so over half-term I tried to get in contact with the other members of my team to ask them whether they were avaliable. James was and said he was able to come and even though I tried to get in contact with Josh via. texts and calls but I never got a reply.

So I arranged with James to bring all the props we needed and where and when we would meet so we could film with Josh if need be.

I booked a camera with Tom and agreed to collect it before James or Josh arrived so we'd be ready to film.

But today, I didn't see or hear from Josh and James' bus was late so our shooting time was cut substansially. But we managed to get everything filmed that we needed too so tomorrow we're going to upload and cut our footage and re-shoot anything we have to.

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